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Global commerce marketplace for Farmers and agriculturists with real-time processing, and proper food security and channeling on the BRUMH blockchain

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About Us

BRUMH development team is made up of the finest, thoughtful, intelligent individuals who work both collaboratively and individually to bring the best results to the agriculture, blockchain ecosystem and even the world at large.

George Can

Yogesh Ikel

Ingek Troshi

Qadoos Adish

Tica Shirb

Zyinab Mansour

Our Vision

The BRUMH network vision is to provide a better decentralised system eliminating the current issues of transparency, corruption and economy unevenness, and moreso, the hassles in food channeling, distribution and security as it specifically concerns agriculture in its wholeness using the blockchain technology. The technology behind the BRUMH network was inspired, concieved and brought to existence by the teams extensive interest, passion, and research in food and agriculture in it’s entirety, and also the need to improve the food ecosystem by speeding up transactions, processes and likes using a decentralized system was a key to making this happen. The BRUMH network will quicken the speed of transaction in the agriculture system in terms ofprocessing speed per transaction and processing in seconds.


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